Evidence Collection

If you are a whistleblower wanting to expose unlawful conduct in the workplace, one of the things to have in your possession is strong, viable evidence. The key is to be confident in the evidence that you have to expose the perceived misconduct.

Collect Your Evidence Legally While Protecting Yourself as a Whistleblower

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Documentary Evidence

If there is a type of physical evidence that is most commonly used to support a whistleblower’s claims, it’s the one that’s on paper. The most often used types of documentary evidence include financial records, printed-out emails or written memos.

However, you need to take extra caution when obtaining these documents and choosing which ones to secure.

It is important to be acquainted with company policy, especially when it comes to confidentiality. There are particular documents that could affect your legal standing.

For instance, if you are caught gathering confidential documents such as restrictive business information or trade secrets, you may face dismissal from the company without having any legal protection.

Assistance With Evidence Collection

Operated by Uustal Trial Attorneys, an award-winning law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we aim to empower and provide assistance to individuals who are in possession of vital information regarding criminal behavior in their company that can cause harm to themselves and fellow employees.

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