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Welcome to the Whistleblower
Info Center.

We’re glad you found us, though we’re sorry you’re in this position.

You may know something wrong is happening at the company you work for, or used to work for. You may be worried people are being hurt or cheated—maybe entire lives or livelihoods are at risk.You may be facing a threat to your job, livelihood or reputation.

You know you need to speak up, but you’re not sure how—or to who. You have so many questions.

Take a deep breath.

There are answers here.

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Led by whistleblower attorneys, the Whistleblower Info Center exists to empower people like you to do the right thing.

In our years working on whistleblower cases, we’ve discovered that many potential whistleblowers have a common set of questions. The Whistleblower Info Center seeks to answer those initial questions as you research help for a whistleblower case.

Led by attorney John Uustal and his team, we are well-versed in whistleblower law, especially cases that involve healthcare and corporate fraud. Think of us as your online cadre, here to guide and help you take action.

And when you are ready to talk to a lawyer, we are ready to listen.

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